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Perry Johnson Registrars Carbon Emission Services (PJRCES) help businesses to meet their Sustainability objectives and towards compliance of mandatory and voluntary Greenhouse Gas Reporting.

With our proven track record of providing independent and professional services to wide range of businesses and sectors globally and technically competent team of professionals we are well-positioned to make a difference to your business objectives. Our validation/verification process is robust and adds value to your Greenhouse Gas portfolio.

Our services include:

  • Independent third party validation and verification services
  • Corporate Social Reporting (CSR) verification
  • Advising on Sustainability objectives and Emissions Inventories
  • Carbon Foot printing and life cycle assessments
  • Public reporting and participation in Voluntary GHG programs
  • Participating in mandatory reporting programs Participating in GHG markets
  • Stakeholders involvement & Training
  • Sustainability Branding

Reliability and value of PJRCES services is recognized by global Accreditation and Regulatory Bodies giving us the confidence to offer ourselves to our clients.

For further information on how PJRCES can assist you in adding value to your sustainability objectives please contact us at 1-248-663-0311.